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Vision Casting & Mapping/Dream Activation

The vision is yours! It's time to take the vision from the inside and bring it to fruition. You've thought about "the how," "the when," what you don't have, and you've worried about the funding. Now it's time to take that energy and turn it into ingenuity. This topic reveals that It's more than getting started; it's about activating in your now.

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Leveraging Your Gifts to Make a Profit

You're gifted, but you're broke. Many of us are aware that we possess gifts and talents but are completely confused about activating them. The rest of us are working on building the confidence to believe in what we possess. This topic reveals the need for your gift(s) and how it can increase you mentally and financially. 

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Discovering & Embracing Your Purpose

"What is my purpose?" This is a question that is often asked by all of us. As cliche as it sounds, we need answers. This topic is all about self-discovery and the strength to sustain your earthly assignment. We will break down the definition of purpose and apply it to our now.

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Transformational Leaderships that Produces Results

No one wants to work for a leader that is incompetent and insecure. Most leaders don't know that they are leaders until the opportunity presents itself. In those moments of the spotlight, leaders are exposed due to a lack of experience. This topic helps to identify areas they lack as leaders and provides tools to overcome the common stereotypes associated with women that help and hinder growth.

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