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Simelia is a coach, transformational speaker, acute strategist, author, and certified Life and Professional coach. She is a woman on a mission to affect positive personal lives.


Simelia is a pioneer who utilizes her skillset to help others by teaching them how they can identify their true gifts and talents while understanding that we all have our own personal definition of success. She has spoken at length on many topics but is known for her expertise in “Vision Casting & Mapping/Dream Activation”, “Leveraging Your Gifts to Make a Profit”, “Discovering and Embracing Your Purpose”, and “Transformational Leaderships that Produces Results”.


In her spare time, Simelia love to garden, learn, and master new recipes, enjoys dancing, and spending time with her family. As a young girl, she secretly dreamed of being a movie star, but was much too shy to speak on camera. In the future, Simelia intends to leverage her expertise as a coach, speaker, and author to provide insight to fortune 500 corporations. Her goal has remained, to INSPIRE, INFILTRATE and IMPACT the NATIONS. Simelia currently thrives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with her family and dear friends.

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Jedett Pierre

CEO of Ava Jade Hair Products

In my experience with Simelia, she has a passion for seeing her clients thrive and flourish in their purpose. She doesn't make you feel rushed or like a transaction. She is well equipped and has helped me to be no longer complacent in my dreams. She is one of the best coaches and teachers I have encountered.

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Jhamie Hanna

As a client, Coach Simelia has not only transformed my business, she has also transformed my thinking. Her professional approach and tools have helped me build a business on a strong foundation. Also, applications and systems that include Godly principles for the marketplace, have created room for more SUCCESS!!!!

Genevieve Carvil-Harris

Free to Live Management Services

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Simelia for over 16 years. I believe that her ability to connect individuals to sensible and tangible resources is a rare find and worth more than any amount of money. You owe it to yourself to connect with her!


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